Platte County Libertarian Party at Columbus Days Parade 2019


Platte County Libertarian Party attended the Columbus Days parade with a number of county chairs and SCC representation, plus other volunteers. The crowd was very receptive with many cheers, thumbs up and even an occasional “I’m a libertarian!” shout.

Dennis Grace, chair of neighboring Dodge county was also able to attend, mentioning to me that “Columbus showed exactly the kind of people they are. So friendly and accommodating. It was a refreshing change of pace, in a non-election year, to see the number of people ASKING for information on our party. We couldn’t get it out to them fast enough. That showed Columbus residents are willing to listen to fresh ideas.”

Another good thing was to be able to visit with volunteers from many parts of Nebraska, including District 3 coordinator Patrick Birkel who traveled from Grand Island. Birkel commented “It firmed up my resolve to try harder after seeing so many libertarians from so many different affiliates travel all that way to help spread the message of liberty”.












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