Help Wanted

Here are 7 great ways to help. If you are interested, email for more information.

1)Volunteer Coordinators

This is the most important. 2-3 of you are needed to help manage all of this. Basically that means getting out emails, keeping track of who wants to help, and communicating directly with the State Central Committee. This can also be a fast track to becoming a state delegate or future candidate under the LPNE if you so desire. If your strength is organization and motivation, please let me know if you would help as a volunteer coordinator.

2) Media Assistants

Do you have experience on the web? Want to help our FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and website presence? Want to design memes, write blogs, and create ads? I can use 2-3 people to help me on that. I can pay you in high fives…which is more than I get paid at the moment. Time commitment is not much, but if I can have a few dedicated people to the cause, it will mean the LPNE will be more responsive on the web.

3) Legislative Reviewers

Over the next session, we will be more active in unicameral proceedings and other legal matters. But we can’t always know what is going on, so we need you to help us. If a few of you are interested in how the unicameral functions and want to keep us up to date on all the bills, and want to have communication with state legislators, let me know. This is an awesome way to see how bills are made, influence decisions on the state level, and see that we stay active in limiting the scope of government. For example, we will be working with Uber/Lyft and Nebraska Midwives this next year to make sure these groups can fully operate within the state.

4) Community Outreach Team

Who says all political groups have to be self serving? Libertarians are giving people, because we FREELY do so. Our party should differentiate themselves by being active in the community. Setting up family friendly events, helping at non-profits, protecting small businesses, giving people a hand up, and teaching everyone in this state that government assistance is vastly inferior to a group of people looking to make a positive impact. If you want to see the LPNE move in a positive manner, one that promotes free association and giving that is not through coercion, then let me know if this is where your strengths are.

5) Candidates, Campaigns, Events

This will probably be the larger group where we focus on recruiting and vetting out quality candidates. As you are aware from this last election, the LPNE does not prohibit people from running if they are registered Libertarians, but we can choose to endorse them. It would be helpful if in 2016 we have a full primary so that those involved can feel they have a better choice for their candidates. This group will also focus on spreading the word about campaigns, and setting up campus and city events. If there is a fair, carnival, YAL meeting, campus event, or any other event where a political party would be welcome, you would bring it to our attention and help get it set up.

6) General Volunteer

Still not sure where you fit in, or maybe only want to help out every so often? This is the group for you. You can be called upon to help out another group if a project gets too big.

7) County Reps and Leaders

Want to start a LP in your county, let us know. We have some starting in Johnson County and a few others soon.



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