Former NELP Chair Launches Campaign for Governor of Nebraska

Scott Zimmerman, a founding member, and former chairman of the Nebraska Libertarian Party has commenced his campaign for Governor of Nebraska to present the exceptional solutions that Libertarians have to fix the relationship between you and your government.

Born and raised in the state, Scott is well-familiar with the differences in each community, and the similarities that are shared between them, as well. There is a reason Nebraskans are known as loyal and dedicated people, and it is time we enable our greatest resource (the people) to make this state one of the most prosperous in the Midwest.

We have the capability to succeed, Libertarians consistently present radical positions that offer practical solutions. As our political atmosphere grows increasingly mad, perhaps the radical positions are the cure for sanity we need.

Scott is now touring the state, and you can follow/donate to/volunteer with the campaign on Facebook Zimmerman4Gov or

Libertarian Swag 2021

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Nebraska Leads in Registered Libertarians

In a recent report of registered voters by party and by state, Nebraska maintained its unique position atop states with the highest percentage of registered Libertarian Party voters.  As part of our 21K in 2021 initiative we are reaching out to our fellow Nebraskans to grow this number and we are trending in a great direction.  When this initiative launched in March this number was slightly below 18K!


District 1 Report

by Amy Wimer District 1 report is much the same as last month, while we continue to grow and have some fun summer events.
  • Sarpy County has some new members attend and they had a new meeting place they tried out. They have some great special guests lined up in the coming months, so keep your eyes on the events tab!
  • Lancaster has moved back to Big Red Keno now that all the DHMs have been removed, and had both Laura Ebke and Scott Zimmerman as special guests this month. It was a great questions and answer session that reached well beyond our hour!
  • Dodge County is eyeing ways to grow and increase its outreach, they could use some volunteers with this! They are also trying some new meeting places so that they can accommodate better some of their members’ schedules, but also find something that is easier to communicate in.
  • Platte County is trying different ways to get a consistent group and schedule, but are planning to attend the Street Party in Bellwood on the 31st, should be a fun time!
  • Seward County has been busy planning the Milford Days Parade, which is another volunteer opportunity, definitely plan on attending or helping them if you’d like to meet some Nebraska Libertarians in a fun atmosphere.
As always, we are looking for new people to get involved and volunteers as well. Please email

District 2 Report

By Gene Siadek
  • Libertarian registration numbers in District 2 grew by 14.4% year to year. Over the same period, Republican registration shrunk by -0.1% and Democrats grew by 0.8%
  • Douglas County Libertarian Central Committee held their business meeting on July 6. 14 were in attendance. Among the many items on the agenda, Chair McNally kicked off an Strategic Planning Initiative. He provided a strategic plan template for anyone who would like to get involved
  • District 2 along with the entire state is in great need of candidates for the 2022 elections. If you have any thoughts of running or know of anyone who might want to run please contact an LP representative
If you are in Douglas or Sarpy County please send a message to for information on how to get involved in your local affiliate.
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