#ReRegister "Libertarian" in Nebraska

If we want the Libertarian Party to be taken more seriously, then we have to let people know how numerous we are. A great way to do that is register to vote as a Libertarian.

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October 7, 2017

Guardians of Liberty Ep 7: Independence and Guns

The boys are back! On this show they talk about Independence movements, gun control, and the ladies that put up with them!  
October 1, 2017

Guardians of Liberty Ep 6: Everything is stupid

The Boys express frustration a the culture war and the nonsense on both sides, plus they talk tax reform, healthcare, and current events!
September 30, 2017

Roads to Liberty: Get Lit Fam

Mike and Ben talk to Amy Wimer , Lancaster county volunteer coordinator for Re-Elect Laura Ebke about volunteering and canvassing. She rejects their plan for going […]

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