Libertarian Party of Nebraska

The Libertarian Party of Nebraska held a statewide diaper drive over this last Spring and with the amazing support of our coordinators and volunteers the LPNE was able to donate over 3000 diapers, hundreds of wipes and boxes of other non perishable baby items to the parents across the beautiful state of Nebraska. 

Everyone needs a hand up sometimes and the state party was incredibly happy to be able to assist in this way for those in need of that support. 

We as a country are going through many challenges and the outlook is bleak but not all is lost. Now is the time to grow locally, think with pride and love for your community and make the change that affects your everyday life. The state party  firmly believes that change starts at home, in our communities. The path of freedom lies in the ability to care for each other and become self-sufficient.

The State Central Committee wants to repeat how much we appreciate our volunteers and members who make these fundraisers possible and for all the amazing work you do.

Rachael Nelson 

Chair Libertarian Party of Nebraska

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