Executive Director Position Available

Scott Zimmerman, our executive director for the last two years, has stepped down to focus on his run for Governor of Nebraska.  We are now accepting applications for this position.

About the Position

The Executive Director will act at the direction of the party’s State Central Committee (SCC), and there will be regular contact with the State Chair. The primary role of the Executive Director will be fundraising, however the ED may wear many hats during their tenure. The ED will help the SCC develop a strategic direction to help overcome unique challenges facing the party and seize opportunities.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will have time to devote to the party. The ED will be the face of the party so they should be comfortable in social settings, speaking to groups, and the media. Understanding the Nebraska political environment will be helpful. They should also have experience raising money and executing a strategic plan.


The ED will be a contract, commission-based employee. The terms of the contract will be negotiated.

About us

Our Mission: Enhancing Liberty for all citizens in the state of Nebraska through the election of Libertarian political candidates.

The Libertarian Party of Nebraska is one of three recognized political parties in the Nebraska. The party received official recognition in August 2010 and has kept ballot access since. There are currently over 18,000 registered Libertarians in the state and that number has steadily grown.

Application Process

Submit your resume to Jared Wimer, Chair of the LPNE, at chair@lpne.org 

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