Good ideas don’t require force: they sell themselves. This is true even with public health decisions. The idea that we are all individuals with unique bodies, minds and needs is slowly being whittled away through these one-size fits all mandates. Once we capitulated small freedoms and choices to a government entity, we have given them the knowledge that we can be pushed farther and farther away from choice and into a bureaucratic choice structure.
The idea that government owns your body and behavior should be abhorrent to all Americans: it is central to the argument that we are all individuals with inalienable rights, and that includes any and all health decisions made by competent, adult humans. Whether it is the right to try a therapy or the right to refuse healthcare, these are central to individual rights.
We are against any and all mandates both present and future, because they strip the citizens of their personal choices and don’t suffer the consequences that can unfold with poor choices.

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