Proposed LPNE Bylaws for 2024 Convention



Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Libertarian Party of Nebraska, hereafter referred to as the “Party.”

Section 2. The purpose of the Party is to maintain a representative government that protects the inalienable rights of individuals. To that end, the Party shall:
a) Endorse candidates for partisan and nonpartisan office in Nebraska.
b) Support, to the extent possible, Party-endorsed candidates
c) Pursue and maintain ballot access.
d) Support local, state, and national efforts that further the purpose of the Party.
e) Promote Libertarian policies


Section 1. Party Members shall consist of all registered Libertarian voters of the State of Nebraska as long as the Party is recognized by the Secretary of State’s Office. If not recognized, the SCC shall develop a method for membership.


Section 1. The SCC directs and manages the affairs of the Party in accordance with the Party’s Purpose.

Subsection 1. 1. The SCC shall be composed of the Officers of the Party and the District Coordinators and is chaired by the Party Chairman. The SCC shall direct and manage all the affairs, properties, and funds of the Party consistent with these Bylaws and applicable state and federal laws and in accordance with the Party’s Purpose. The SCC shall provide for legal service to the Party as needed. The SCC will, by majority vote, fill Officer and District Coordinator and Alternate vacancies when needed. Vacancies may include, but are not limited to, vacancies created by illness, death, withdrawal, or disqualification.

Section 2. Officers. Officers of the Party shall be the Chairman (Chair), Vice Chairman (Vice Chair), Secretary, and Treasurer.

Subsection 2. 1. Officers shall be members of the party.

Subsection 2.2. Chair. In addition to other duties in these Bylaws, the Chair shall preside at all Conventions and SCC meetings, and shall be the chief executive officer of the Party.

Subsection 2.3. Vice Chair. The Vice Chair shall preside at meetings in the event of the absence, resignation, or removal of the Chair until such time as a new Chair is elected.
The Vice Chair shall serve as chief of staff of any paid employees, either permanent or temporary, of the Party.

Subsection 2.4. Secretary. The Secretary shall be the recording Officer of the Party. The Secretary shall maintain complete and accurate records of all Party Conventions, Meetings, and votes made therein. The Secretary, under the advisement of the Chair, shall be responsible for certifying all Party nominations to the Secretary of State’s Office or appropriate election officer in the district that the nomination appears. The Secretary shall promulgate agendas and produce minutes for Conventions and Meetings.

Subsection 2.5. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall receive, expend, and account for the funds of the Party, ensure appropriate tax laws are complied with by the Party, and ensure Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are adhered to by the Party. The Treasurer will not expend cash in excess of $100 in any transaction without written or digital approval from the Chair or Vice-Chair. The treasurer must propose an annual budget for SCC approval and a report to each convention.

Section 3. District Coordinators. There shall be one District Coordinator and one Alternate District Coordinator representing each Congressional District.

Subsection 3.1. District Coordinators and Alternates shall be residents of the Congressional District they represent at the time of their election.

Subsection 3.2. District Coordinators and Alternates shall be members of the party.

Subsection 3.3. Alternate District Coordinators may represent their respective district in the absence of the District Coordinator when duly appointed by the respective District Coordinator or by the Party Chair in the absence of the respective District Coordinator.

Subsection 3.4. District Coordinators and Alternates shall coordinate activities within their respective districts, maintain membership lists of district Party Members, and report to the SCC during Conventions and Meetings.

Section 4. Meetings. Meetings will address issues as needed such as meeting new Members, consideration of new publicity programs and educational efforts, consideration of candidates for political support, and to maintain the cohesiveness of the Party.

Subsection 4.1. The Chair may duly call a Meeting by giving three days’ notice to the SCC.
This notice may be in-person or via electronic means (i.e., telephone, email, web notification, or video conference). The SCC may, by majority vote, reject or approve the Meeting date, time, or place. A non-vote to a duly called Meeting is considered approval.
Note: Any member of the SCC may request a Meeting be called. A Meeting called by an SCC member must be seconded by a different member of the SCC to require a vote of the SCC. A simple majority of the SCC is required to approve a Meeting not called by the Chair. Notice of an SCC-called Meeting shall be in accordance with this Subsection minus the requirement that it be called by the Chair.

Subsection 4.2. It is the responsibility of all SCC members to maintain contact with the SCC. Any SCC member that will be out of contact for longer than 14 calendar days will notify the SCC of that status prior to absence, barring illness. Any SCC member that cannot be contacted for longer than 14 calendar days is subject to replacement. Any SCC member that fails to attend two consecutive Meetings duly called may be requested to relinquish his or her position or removed in accordance with these Bylaws.

Subsection 4.3. A quorum at a meeting shall be a majority of the SCC.

Section 5. Other Committees. Other Committees will be established to promote the Purpose of the Party.

Section 5.1. Bylaws Committee. The Bylaws Committee must meet to review and propose changes to these Bylaws. The Bylaws Committee must, at a minimum, consist of two SCC Members. The maximum number of members is seven. All committee members must be registered as Libertarians in the State of Nebraska. Members of the committee must be appointed by the existing committee members. The SCC must approve all committee members.

Section 5.2. Convention Oversight Committee. The Convention Oversight Committee (CoC) shall consist of four or more Party Members, one of which shall be appointed by the Party Chairman. The CoC will develop options as to location, time, date, and other items to be presented to the SCC for consideration.

Subsection 5.3. Credentials Committee. The credentials committee shall consist of three party members chosen by the SCC. The credentials committee shall verify that SCC nominees and convention delegates meet all eligibility requirements listed in the bylaws and shall manage the convention check-in process. A representative of the credentials committee shall report to the convention the number of delegates present and the number of votes necessary for simple and two-thirds majorities.

Section 5.4. Other Committees may, from time to time, be established by majority vote of the SCC at Convention or Meeting.


Section 1. The Party Convention shall be when the primary business of the Party is conducted and shall be when Delegates vote on various matters to achieve the Party’s Purpose. The agenda shall be provided by the Secretary to the SCC at least 15 calendar days prior to Convention and must include a chair’s report, a treasurer’s report, the election of the SCC, and the election of delegates to the national convention. The agenda may also include items such as the nomination of candidates for elected office, selection of presidential electors and the consideration of resolutions and amendments to the bylaws and platform. The SCC must approve the final agenda by a majority vote.

Section 2. The Party Convention shall be held each even-numbered year at least 30 days prior to the national convention at a time and place established by the SCC by majority vote.

Section 3. The Party Convention shall be considered duly called when placed on public notice 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled start of the Convention. Public notice shall be considered met via Party website notification, Party membership email notification, or SCC posted print article notification.

Section 4. Convention Delegates. Delegates serve as Party leadership during Conventions . Each delegate is entitled to one vote.

Subsection 4.1. SCC Delegates. All SCC members are entitled to serve as delegates to the party convention.

Subsection 4.2. County Selected Delegates. Each county party will select a number of delegates to the party convention equal to the number of registered Libertarians in the county divided by the total number of registered Libertarians in the state multiplied by one hundred (100) and rounded to the nearest whole figure or, if that figure rounds to zero (0), the county will select one delegate. Delegates can be selected by any means but must be members of the party. County parties must submit the names and addresses of their selected delegates to the SCC and the credentials committee at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of the party convention.

Subsection 4.3. At-large delegates. The SCC may select a number of delegates to the party convention equal to the total number of registered Libertarians in all counties that don’t have a county party combined divided by the total number of registered Libertarians in the state multiplied by one hundred (100) and rounded to the nearest whole figure or, if that figure rounds to zero (0), the SCC may select one delegate.
At-large delegates must be registered as Libertarians in Nebraska and not be otherwise-selected delegates. Those that are registered in counties that don’t have an organized county party should be given priority consideration by the SCC. The SCC will use best efforts to publish the method of selection for at large delegates 60 days prior to the convention.

Section 5. A quorum at a convention shall be a majority of the selected delegates.

Section 6. All members of the SCC shall be elected by nomination and majority vote of the Delegates present during each Convention. Should more than two candidates seek any office, a run-off vote or votes will be taken with the candidate in each vote receiving the lowest number of votes eliminated, and runoffs then held between the remaining candidates. None of the Above (NOTA) will always be an available option for each vote. New SCC members shall take office immediately upon the close of convention and shall serve until replaced under the provisions set forth in these bylaws.

Section 7. National convention delegates shall be elected using paper ballots. However many national delegate positions are available is the maximum number of nominees that can be voted for by each state convention delegate. Only those nominees who are marked on at least 25% of ballots cast shall be elected. If more nominees receive 25% of the votes than there are national delegate positions, the highest vote getters will fill the positions. If fewer nominees are elected than there are national delegate positions, the remaining positions will be considered vacant.

Subsection 7.1. National convention delegates and alternates shall be members of the party.

Subsection 7.2. Within 10 days of the close of each convention, the newly elected chair must appoint one of the national delegates as the delegation chair. If the chair was elected as a delegate, they may appoint themselves. The delegation chair may appoint any party member to fill vacant national delegate and alternate slots.


Section 1. The Statement of Principles of the Party affirms that philosophy upon which the Libertarian Party is founded, by which it shall be sustained, and through which liberty shall prevail. The Statement of Principles is attached to the Bylaws and is made a part thereof.


Section 1. The Party adopts the National Libertarian Party Platform .

Section 2. At Party Convention, or Meetings, the Platform may be amended by addition to any plank. Amendments must be made with the approval of not less than two-thirds vote of the Delegates present.


Section 1. Disciplinary actions against any Party Member shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, except as otherwise provided herein by the Party Bylaws. Disciplinary action
against any Member shall consist of reprimand, suspension, or expulsion from the Party.

Section 2. A Member may be subject to disciplinary action for the following reasons (in addition to any previously mentioned herein):
a) Committing the Party to financial obligations without the consent of the SCC, or
b) Making statements for the public record in the name of the Libertarian Party which may prove objectionable or harmful to other Members, or are in violation of the Statement of Principles and Purpose of the Party.

Section 3. No reprimand, suspension, or expulsion shall be valid against any Member unless it is approved by a two-thirds vote of the Delegates present at Convention or Meeting.


Section 1. The SCC shall promulgate these Bylaws in accordance with applicable law .

Section 2. The bylaws committee may propose amendments to the bylaws either to the SCC or to the delegates of a convention, at the committee’s discretion. The SCC may only amend bylaws exactly as proposed by the bylaws committee and may only do so with a 3/4 majority vote of the total SCC. Amendments proposed to a convention may be amended however the delegates see fit and may be adopted with a 2/3 majority vote of delegates present at convention. Amendments may also be proposed by any delegate during a convention, which may be adopted by a 2/3 majority vote of the delegates present at convention.

Section 3. The membership may not amend the Bylaws of this organization so that they are in violation of the prevailing laws of the State of Nebraska or of the United States.


Section 1. Resolutions are position statements made on current issues. Resolutions may be submitted at Convention and require a two-thirds vote of Delegates .
Resolutions shall sunset at the following Convention.


Section 1. No more than one county party may be formed in any one county. The SCC will determine the legitimate party if a dispute arises.

Section 2. County party organization will, at a minimum, have a chairperson. The District Coordinator may appoint a temporary chairperson in order to form a county party. The district coordinator will notify the SCC of this appointment. The county party must adopt its own bylaws within one year of formation.

Section 3. The county party is only authorized to create bylaws consistent with SCC bylaws. The bylaws shall be submitted to the SCC (for documentation only) once created or amended.

Section 4. The SCC may dissolve a county party or remove a county chairperson with a ¾ majority vote of the total SCC.


We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual. We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose. Governments throughout history have regularly operated on the opposite principle, that the State has the right to dispose of the lives of individuals and the fruits of their labor. Even within the United States, all political parties other than our own grant to government the right to regulate the lives of individuals and seize the fruits of their labor without their consent.

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